Even though I have curly hair I have never really given much though to what I use to dry my hair. I think I’m a bit late on this but as I’m doing my research (trying to learn as much as I can) I realized there is a buzz about not using your standard towel to dry your curly hair. 

There are now many microfiber towel options on the market that claim to absorb a lot of moisture, reduce or even eliminate frizz and reduce drying time. I have never used a micro-fiber towel hence the word ‘claim’ (If you have used a micro-fiber towel, feel free to leave a comment and share your results).

For those of us who may not want to purchase a microfiber towel fortunately there are other cheaper alternatives. You may have heard of using paper towels or an old T-shirt. I am not a fan of using paper towels (it does not seem environmentally friendly) but the old T-shirt has been said to do a great job in not just absorbing a lot of moisture from hair but also reducing frizz.

So I decided to test out the old t-shirt to dry my curly hair (I have a mixture of 3b and 3c) and see if there really is a difference in using an old T-shirt. I used one of my hubby’s T-shirts :P; my hair is long (middle of my back) so thought that his t-shirt would be big enough to wrap my hair. I made 1 cut along the length of the front on one side from the neck to base of the t-shirt; the two sleeves were still intact (I inserted a little diagram to help you understand).

Before I shampooed I did a pre-poo treatment with coconut oil, then washed with shampoo, followed with conditioner. I squeezed my hair a little to get as much excess water out before wrapping it in the t-shirt. 

I bent forward so hair falls in front; with the neck area of the t-shirt on the back of my neck I twisted the t-shirt around the length of my hair and then wrapped it around and tucked in the excess in front close to my forehead. (You can tuck it in behind your neck- I guess it depends on the length of your t-shirt). Some of you may say what to do with the sleeves!? I basically ignored it and let it twist together with my hair. 

You may also opt to plop your hair on the t-shirt - click here to read more about plopping hair.   

I left the towel in for about 6-8 mins. Note: I did NOT rub my hair with the t-shirt. After the 8 minutes I just released it and shook my head to help loosen the curls. The t-shirt absorbed a lot of the water from my hair. There was one end of the t-shirt that was still dry, so I used that end to gently blot the ends of my hair. I think for those of you with thicker or longer hair may want to have a second t-shirt to blot out any excess moisture that may be present.

Overall, there was a difference. I did notice less frizz and will definitely be using my t-shirt to dry my hair.

Both towel and t-shirt are made of the same material- cotton so I believe the secret is in the texture of the t-shirt vs. the towel as well as the way we dry our hair. Many of us tend to rub our hair to get rid of the excess water. The towel is rougher as it has micro-protrusions (villi-like structures) on its surface to absorb moisture while the t-shirt is smooth. 

I believe those little fibers on the towel can cause a scrubbing effect when we rub the towel to dry our hair which increases frizz. Instead use the t-shirt and gently blot or squeeze hair unto the t-shirt to get rid of excess moisture.

If you haven't heard of using a T-shirt to dry your hair or just was not sure if to use it, hope my experience will encourage you to at least try it. Happy Curling! :)

Do you use an old t-shirt to dry your hair? What is your drying technique?  


11/01/2013 8:13am

I have used the microfiber towel and didn't get great results. I think it took to much of the moisture out of my hair, the result was frizzier than with a normal cotton towel.


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